Wednesday, July 19, 2017

3928) Friends of the burgundy of the police actually angry 5 guns - Oriental Daily - 18/7/2017

(Kuala Lumpur 18), a member of the Wuji Amman Criminal Investigation Group and two friends drinking pastime, one of them bloody and a dispute, the police officers were angry with the gun even open 5 guns, one of them Shoot the buttocks!
Kuala Lumpur Chief Sergeant Dato 'Arma said that the case occurred at 3 am today at the tea room in the north and south of Wansha Mizhu, and the police officer (30 years old) was a Wu Chang. At that time, he and two friends at the same table drinking to 3 am, one of the friends believe that is drunk crazy words, causing the police officer displeasure.
3 people then quarrel, the police officer in the anger, actually lost the rationale to pull the gun opposite, and even open 5 guns, hit one of the hips.
"After the police were rushed to the scene and sent the injured to the hospital for treatment, two suspects were arrested on the spot, including gunmen and confiscated their police guns."
The police are required to abide by the law
At the opening of the Kuala Lumpur Police Headquarters this afternoon, Amal was made the media to ask the media. At the same time, the National Police Chief Tan Sri Lanci and Deputy Chief of Police Tan Sri Norion also attended the open portal in person.
Police have denied the assertion that the police have been bombarded against the Malaysian Islamic Consumers' Association (PPIM), which accompanied dozens of car owners in the warehouse.
He pointed out that the police and non-governmental organizations to act differently, the police after the report must be investigated, call the relevant records, and then submitted to the General Prosecutor's Office; not to say today, arrest, tomorrow will be able to Direct control.
"The police do not act like" rogue "and do not need to comply with the law."
The matter is at 2:45 pm on the 10th of this month, in the shadow of the United States and the United States and the United States. Dozens of owners claim to be cheated in the car, so under the chairmen of the association and the trader, the hands of the warehouse to destroy the lock, and unauthorized driving 40 cars, but they did not produce any court documents.

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