Wednesday, July 19, 2017

3927) Rent-to-own-scheme: IGP assures thorough probe into both PPIM, Kajang company - New Straits Times Online - 18/7/2017

KUALA LUMPUR: Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar today denied claims that police were selective in their investigations into a case involving a Kajang-based rent-to-own vehicle scheme company.
He said both PPIM and the company were being investigated by the police following numerous reports lodged by both parties.
He said police have never ignored PPIM's and the victims' reports against the company, adding that the investigations on the matter were still underway.
"When there is a report, we must find the witnesses, record their statements, gather all the data before we can submit the case to the Attorney-General's office.
"We cannot act like thugs, simply raiding a place without any basis or reason. You just cannot do that.
"So it is untrue, all the accusations that we are not doing anything or care about the reports being lodged.
"I give you assurance, do not worry. We will investigate the case in accordance to the law," he said during the Kuala Lumpur police contingent headquarter's Hari Raya Aidilfitri open house.
Last week, a video showing PPIM members forcing their way into a private warehouse in Kajang to remove 40 cars had gone viral.
The 4 minute 58 second video showed the individuals going into the premises belonging to the rent-to-own vehicle scheme company to forcibly 'repossess' the cars.
It was reported that the 'operation' was carried out by PPIM's Special Action Unit director Yusuf Azmi along with 10 members. They were also accompanied by at least 30 victims who claimed to have been duped by the company.
When asked about PPIM's actions, Khalid said as a non-governmental organisation, PPIM should not act beyond their jurisdiction and should have adhered to the law.
He confirmed that a report has been lodged against PPIM and that the police will also investigate the NGO.

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