Thursday, February 5, 2015

2456) THE STAR ONLINE - 04/02/2015 - Prices of Banana Leaf Meal To Stay

MALACCA: Banana leaf restaurants in the country will maintain the prices of its meals, set some 15 years ago.

Malaysian Indian Restaurant Owners Association (Primas) secretary-general T. Thanabalan said there would be no increase in the prices.

“All 1,500 members have agreed to this,” he said.

“We are comfortable with the current pricing bracket although the prices of vegetables are fluctuating.

“Some customers have complained before that our price was too steep although a banana leaf meal is always accompanied by a serving of a variety of vegetables and meat.

“So, we have decided to maintain our prices like what they were in 2000,” Thanabalan said.

He said the price of banana leaf meals with basic servings were between RM6 and RM8, adding that those who ordered additional dishes like crab and mutton would have to fork out more.

Thanabalan said some members suggested that the price of a basic banana leaf meal be charged RM10 because of escalating prices of vegetables and rice.

“However, we shot down the suggestion and wanted members to maintain the prices like what it was more than a decade ago,” he said.

Association members, he said, found it hard to cope with increasing prices of the essentials but remained committed in providing affordable pricing.

He said there was a possibility that members would further slash prices if the Domestic Trade, Co-Operative and Consumerism Ministry could help reduce the price of items like rice and sugar.

“It’s in the hands of the ministry to find a mechanism, especially with the drastic reduction of fuel costs.

Thanabalan said the association also warned its members from trying to indiscriminately raise prices.

“Members who defy the association’s pricing guidelines would have to relinquish their membership – and we wouldn’t defend them in future,” he warned.

Islamic Consumer Association (PPIM)’s president Datuk Nadzim Johan said the ministry should not focus on enforcement alone.

“It needs to work on changing the mindset of traders and suppliers to understand the predicament of the end users.”


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