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EMEL PILIHAN: Tourist Attractions on Ganges river in India

PPIM : Rakyat Malaysia harus insaf, sedar dan bersyukur. Yang nak bergaduh pasal ''Interlok" tu patut ingat dan mengambil iktibar daripada gambar-gambar ini,

Some pictures can be offensive. Please be warned that the pictures in this posting can be quite disturbing to those not used to these situations. Skip or delete if you cannot stomach this.
Animals in Puri, India.
Animals rummaging through trash and litter in Puri, India.
Indians on the side of a road in Puri, India.
Puri, India.
Garbage in Puri,  India.
The banks of the Ganges River , and women laying out cow dung to dry.
Indian woman drying cow droppings on the bank of the Ganges River.
The famous ancient city of Varanasi . The Ganges is for both morning baths and cremations.
Varansi, India.
At the river side lighting the fire for cremation.
Smoke rising from a cremation.
Smoke rising from the side of the Ganges River in India.
A fire on the bank of the Ganges River.
Floating corpses, a common sight on the Ganges !
A floating corpse in the Ganges River.
Here come the remains of a sacred cow!
The corpse of a cow in the Ganges River.
A dead animal carcass in the water in India.
The famous morning bathing by the Ganges , washing as if the rotting corpse floating by was nothing!
Bathing by the Ganges, while a corpse floats by.
Bathing in the corpse-filled Ganges !
Bathing in the Ganges River, India.
Indian women bathing by the Ganges River.
Indians bathing by the Ganges River.
A floating corpse beside some boats in the Ganges River.
A skull in the Ganges River.
A rotting corpse by the Ganges River in India.
A corpse in the midst of the morning bathing at the Ganges , what do you think?
A bloated corpse floating in the Ganges.
Stray dogs picking at  rotting corpses in India.
Stray dogs picking at rotting corpses in India.
A dead body floats in the river in India.
A bloated human corpse in the water.
A dead cow lies in the  sand in India.
Bodies in the River Ganges.
Corpses…as if they were nothing…sigh!
A dead body floats in the river as Indians in a boat pass by.
An Indian child backflips into the river  water.
The shore, covered with litter and garbage.
A rotting body on the banks of the Ganges River .
A decaying corpse in the Ganges River.
A body floating by a wharf. Gasp!
A body  floating in the Ganges River.
A floating rotten corpse.
A rotting body floating in the river in India.
The floating corpse of a sacred cow!
A floating corpse of a cow in India.
An  Indian man picks at the rotting remains of a person by the river.
The body of a cow or a sheep?
The floating body of a cow or sheep?
Ganges River scenery.
Goats eating   garbage  on  the river Ganges.
Everywhere the floating corpses of sacred cows!
A dead cow's body submerged in the river water.
Natural clothes washing area + sun drying clothes area + cow and sheep bathing pool + excrement flowing and mixing together.
Indians doing their laundry.
Ganges River morning bathing, how can this water be used for brushing teeth?
Indian women bathing and praying in the Ganges River.
Bodies abandoned at the Ganges River .
Bodies receovered from the Ganges River.
A dead elderly man by the Ganges River .
The body of an elderly man beside the river Ganges.
A body being dragged by a boat.
India, a ship drags a dead human body in the river.
Note the lower right corner. What is it? Revealed in the next photo.
A body floats by  the shore of the Ganges River.
Here comes the close-up!!!! Note the flies!!!!
A rotting corpse in the Indian river Ganges, covered with flies.
Washing after discarding a corpse.
An Indian washing his hands in a river filled with garbage.
An old man also comes to bathe.
An elderly Indian bathing by the side of the Ganges River.
Girls also come to bathe.
Young Indian women bathing by the Ganges River.
Those on the shore bathe, while in the water floats a stinking bloated corpse.
A   man  covered with soap prepares to bathe in the Ganges River.
Indians bathing by the side of the Ganges River.
A row boat rows by a bloated corpse floats in India.
A skeleton on the shore of the Ganges River .
A skeleton on the banks of the Ganges River.
A corpse floating in the Ganges River .
A rotting corpse in the Ganges River.
A rotting corpse in the Ganges River.
A rotting corpse in the Ganges River.
A rotting corpse in the Ganges  River.
Let's put the corpses-in-the-Ganges-River aside for a moment, and talk about Indians using the toilet. Have a look at the three pictures below…

These three toilet photographs represent three levels of toilets in India . Note what is common to all of them, which is that none of them have any toilet paper, but all of them have a bucket of water at arms length… yes, you've guessed correctly, Indians don't use toilet paper when using the toilet, they use their hands. After defecating, you use your left hand finger to wipe the feces around your anus, and then use the water in the bucket to wash your hand. The custom is to use your left hand to wipe your butt, so when you go into a store to select food, you mustn't use your left hand.
JY people believe, this is actually is a good habit. The first benefit is that cases of hemorrhoids are significantly lower; the second is that it can greatly save paper, good for protecting the earth's resources and the development of green initiatives. So just by doing this, it saves a great amount of wood.

A squatting toilet in India.
A squatting toilet in India.
A squatting toilet in India.
I'm not sure if I should bring out this photo…a sick elderly person, lonely standing by the Ganges River . I don't know if he is appreciating the true meaning of life or bemoaning the helplessness of human existence…that helpless expression…that remarkable face carved by the years…is unforgettable…
Don't look if you won't like it…you are responsible for yourself…
Diseased man with boils covering his body.
Sunset, rotting corpse, rowing and enjoying the beautiful scenery.
Sunset over the Ganges River, a corpse floats in the water.
Sunset, rotting corpse, a butt facing the sky.
Sunset over the Ganges River, a corpse's butt floats in the water.
A rotting corpse in the Ganges at dusk.
Dusk on the Ganges River, a corpse floats in the water.
A rotting corpse that looks like a frog.
A corpse in the River Ganges.
A person more frightening than the rotting corpses and old leper! Seems to be someone who carries dead bodies professionally.
A deformed man, probably with a skin tumor or disease.
The Ganges River filled with rotting floating corpses, and people rowing boats as if nothing were the matter.
Ganges River.
Not only do [they] wash and bathe in the Ganges River where rotting corpses float about, [they] also drink from it. My god, I can't take it anymore!
Old man squats  beside the Ganges River.
Man drinks from the Ganges River.
Rotting corpse on the shore.
The remains of a person on the beach.
Wild dogs freely tearing their food off a rotting corpse.
Stray or wild dogs eating a rotting human corpse.
Wild dogs tearing their food off the rotting corpse of a sacred cow.
Stray or wild dogs eating a rotting cow corpse.
A crow standing on a floating rotting corpse.
A crow perched atop a floating body in the Ganges River.
Corpses on the Ganges River , giving off an offensive rotting stench.
Another floating corpse in the river Ganges.
The skeletal remains of a  person in  the  waters of the river Ganges.
Dog. Crows. Fighting for a child's head as food. Dog victorious.
Dogs and crows fight over a human head.
Dog gnawing on human head.
Dog gnawing at a dead human head.
A roting corpse in the river Ganges.
Steps on the river shore with floating corpses. Can you tell how many rotting corpses are in the water?
Corpses and garbage in the Ganges River.
An old fish catcher on the shore of the Ganges River .
An Indian fishcatcher.
A floating corpse in Indian.
The tour guide said that this kind of fish in the Ganges is called "Gulang" fish, a very nice sounding name…and it is said the flavor is very good, but upon thinking of the corpses soaking in the water, the soap from the bathing, the garbage by the river…I don't have the courage to try it, not sure if this kind of fish will have a human flesh flavor…
Fish curry.
This needs no introduction as many are able to eat it domestically …but a reminder, never eat an authentic one…because the chef uses his left hand to wipe his shit when using the toilet/restroom.
An Indian chef making bread.
Here, let's see India 's free medical care.
A   public  hospital in  India.
A public hospital's surgery room.
An Indian surgery room.
An Indian public hospital.
Ganges River in the early morning, bustling because of the crowds…some to wipe themselves down, some to get water, some to bathe.
Hindu devotees perform rituals on the occasion of Mahalaya, or an auspicious day to pay homage to their ancestors, along the waste floating on  the banks of River Ganges in Calcutta, India, Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008. (AP Photo/Bikas Das)
Suddenly encountering some familiar faces, [I] was surprised…deeply admiring the guy who entered the water to his waist…
East Asian tourists at the river  Ganges.
Flagrantly floating downstream not 500 meters at another set of steps [into the river] was a corpse. Even foreigners had taken out their cameras to snap photos. I wonder how that swimming guy just mentioned above felt…
A dead body floats by the steps on the Ganges River.
Two photographs after going ashore…
An elderly person doing morning exercises, technical difficulty rating 3.0, far higher than the Tai-chi exercises of old men and women in China 's parks.
A  Sadhu  or  holy man performs  yoga on the banks of river Ganges in the northern Indian city of Allahabad June 25, 2008. Sadhus are dedicated to achieving Nirvana (liberation) through meditation and prayers by giving up three Hindu goals of life: Kama (enjoyment), Artha (practical objectives) and Dharma (duty).    REUTERS/Jitendra Prakash (INDIA)
Accepting a holy water baptism…valiantly emerging from the water…his motions too carefree…
A Sadhu, or Hindu holy man,  emerges from a holy dip in the Ganges River in Allahabad, India, Thursday, July 10, 2008. Allahabad, on  the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna and the  mythical Saraswathi  rivers, is  one of  Hinduism's important centers. (AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh)
Not enough money to buy [enough] firewood, those two feed will not be able to burn away, so it looks like they can only be discarded into the Ganges River…the people baptizing [in the Ganges], will they be so daring as to find a foot…?
A pyre burns at a cremation ground on the banks of river Ganges in the northern Indian city of Varanasi December 15, 2007. Hindus believe  that dying in  Varanasi and having their remains scattered in the Ganges allows their soul to escape a cycle of death and rebirth, attaining "moksha" or  salvation.  REUTERS/Arko Datta (INDIA)
Now let's return to this post's main topic…the rotting corpses in the Ganges River .
A rotten corpse in the Ganges River.
A frame grab taken September 30, 2007 and  released October 1, 2007, shows the body of a dead Buddhist monk floating in Pazondaung River in Yangon. It is not known when the monk was killed. REUTERS/Democratic Voice of  Burma (MYANMAR)
What are the dogs eating? Notice what is in the water on the left side of the image!
Wild dogs tearing at animal and human remains.
Swimming and bathing even with so many rotting corpses around.
An Indian swims in the river Ganges amongst the garbage and rotting corpses.
There are a small number of middle-aged men and women squatting on the steps brushing their teeth, none of them using toothbrushes, half of them using their fingers, the other half using twigs, swallowing the water after brushing, and then cupping and drinking down a few more gulps, which happens to be in the opposite direction of people in other countries brushing their teeth and then spitting the water out.
An Indian woman brushes her teeth with water from the Ganges River.


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