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2093) MALAY MAIL ONLINE 13/8/2014 - Quit in protest, Muslim group tells McDonald’s, Starbucks staff - PPIM

Quit in protest, Muslim group tells McDonald’s, Starbucks staff

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 13 — Workers of fast food giant McDonald’s Malaysia and coffee chain Starbucks were urged to resign to protest their employers’ alleged links to Israel by a Muslim consumer group, which said the act was “nothing” compared to atrocities against the Palestinians. 

According to Datuk Nadzim Johan of the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM), those who are reluctant to do so are only putting up “excuses” in their support for the Palestinians.
“We can find other jobs. Don’t tell me you’re happy working for those who are killing our comrades?” Nadzim told Malay Mail Online after an anti-Israel rally in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa here during the weekend.
“We don’t want to use any excuses in our struggle … Changing jobs is nothing. There is no issue here, I don’t even see it as an issue.”
He insisted that changing jobs is a minor effort compared to those who are sacrificing their lives in jihad, or holy struggle, in the Gaza.
“We have to return to our faith, that fortune comes from Allah. We have to be confident in our belief,” he added.
The rally on Sunday was to launch a month-long campaign by Muslim NGOs to protest Israel’s offensive in Gaza, which included rallies and boycott against companies such as British bank HSBC.
A pro-Palestine rally in Dataran Merdeka last Saturday saw calls to boycott all products linked to Israel.
A list of products and companies, including McDonald’s, purportedly with ties to Israel’s ZIonist regime has been circulating in the social media, although many have ended up there based on now-debunked hoaxes and obsolete links.
On Tuesday, violent rallies were held outside two McDonald’s outlets in Kerteh and Dungun, reportedly resulting in about 80 per cent loss of revenue at the two locations since.
A nationwide 24-hour boycott was already held on Friday against McDonald’s to protest against the fast food chain’s alleged links to Israel.
The popular fast food joint has since cried out against the protests, saying the real victims of a boycott of its products would be its mostly Malay-Muslim employees.
The fast food chain also pointed out that the company is a source of livelihood for more than 12,000 employees, over 85 per cent of whom are Muslims.
It also said 67 of the restaurants are owned and operated by 27 local franchisees, nearly half of whom are Malay-Muslims.
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